Hi there. I’m Adam. Some guy from the internet who apparently has a blog. I’ve finished up my master degree in computer science in 2015 and am now working in the software industry while developing games in my free time.

I have been doing software- and game development for a significant part of my life. Although programming is the craft I’m most experienced in, I tend to occasionally explore other gamedev-related crafts from the realms of audio, graphics, design or writing.

About the blog

I’ve played a lot of computer games. Their ability to open up new worlds to explore and stories to tell always fascinated me; yet, I discovered creating those worlds to be even more fascinating. Game design, programming, content creation – as a hobbyist, you are the guy that has to do all of them just as needed. And all those things have their moments: Stress- as well as delightful.

This blog is about both of them – and anything inbetween. It’s about humble approaches and inquiring experiments. About success, failure and the path to either. About game development – and casual madness.