Mailbag: Plugins and Messaging

There was quite some useful information in the answers to the last few e-mails I’ve received – or I hope so, at least. That’s for you to decide. Time for another mail bag posting!

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Mailbag: Civilization and ContentRefs

Sometimes, there are questions. And sometimes they happen to be in e-mails I receive through this blog. I usually take the time to answer them if I’m not too busy and occasionally, these answers can get very long. This time it’s about Civilization and referencing content in Duality.

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Smooth Animations

‘Just done with the new AnimSpriteRenderer. Besides the obvious it has a nice little additional feature: Smooth sprite animations. When having less Sprite frames available than visually pleasant, in some cases it may help to blend frames instead of switching them.

In case of the explosion sprite I used for testing, this feature really pays off. Take a look at the AnimSpriteRenderer demo I’ve uploaded, if you want to see for yourself. Download the .zip file, unpack it and run DualityLauncher.exe.

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Prototypin’ around

Time for a new project! After strolling around in the realms of potential development headlines, I finally seem to have found something worth doing again.

It has been quite a way to figure it out; the only thought that came into my mind after finishing Nullpunkt was “God, I really hate content creation”. But maybe it was just one of these days. The following weeks I chewed a lot on the how’s and where’s of procedual content generation but didn’t quite get to actually design or prototype something. It turned out to be just another mind experiment.

However, I’m currently pretty interested in game engine design, so I’m doing just that: Designing a game engine.

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