Greetings to Dublin

What has been silently on its way for quite a while is now official: The small indie team BatCat Games will be using Duality for their upcoming project Honourbound, as they announced in a recent blog posting. There’s also an old (pre-Duality) prototype video that shows the direction in which they’re heading with this:

Their decision to use Duality has been great news – and I hope that Honourbound will be an equally great success for BatCat Games. Make it awesome.

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Random Gamedesign Memo

Do you know that famous Game Designer Peter Molydeux? No, not Molyneux, silly. The oher one. He’s constantly posting game design ideas on Twitter. Most of them appear to be some kind of hilarious intellectual fall-out, but in all this crazyness, there is a creative genius hidden somewhere. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely read his tweets. Doing so for quite a while now has inspired me to write down some thoughts myself. I’d love to experiment with them, but it seems like I’m pretty occupied with Duality now, so I guess the best thing I can still do is share them.

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FlightSim: More pretty pictures

We’ve been making a lot of progress, even in the long uncared-for hardware department. That’s a good thing, since we’ll reach the project deadline on wednesday. Time for more pictures!

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Stacking stuff

I’m pretty occupied by studying right now and there’s a lot of work stacking up on my ToDo list. But! I spared a thought for you, fellow reader. In case you want to do some stacking yourself you can try my recent Tetris demo of Duality. You see, I think everyone should get to to stack some stuff. Also it’s got a twist.

Music by SunandWeather.

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