Website Style +1

Opinion has been raised that, although Duality sure is a great framework, it’s website representation on my blog lacked a professional look and feel. Unfortunately, this was absolutely true: The Duality info page was an ugly wall of text with loads of unnecessary information, bad design and far too many links. Although I was kind of aware of this fact, it somehow slipped my attention repeatedly until now. I finally found the time to rework the info page, and along with that switch to a different theme for this blog.

So.. in case you’ve always wanted to tell someone about Duality – now would likely be the most visually appealing opportunity since 2011.

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Hats and Terrain Rendering

I’m still figuring out how many hats a single guy can wear at once. So far, my personal hat count is something around “four”, counting two jobs, studying and personal life. As it turns out, I appear to have reached a limit for now. When this semesters courses began in October, the free amount of time at my disposal once again vanished, and so did the unsteady stream of content for this blog. This is just a faint sign of life, but hey – at least I’ve got some pictures.

MateTerrainThe first one is a screenshot from job #2, where I’m developing a game that will be used in a medical context. It’s called MATE and aims at motivating young patients in doing their physical exercise using a training device – which is basically used as a custom game controller. It has one degree of freedom and the target audience is not what you’d call a “gamer”, so I’m keeping the game itself small and simple: You’re maneuvering a paper plane through a dynamically generated landscape, collect gold coins and try not to hit anything. There also is a highscore at the end of each level and a set of ghost players from previous records.

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Text Rendering

Text Rendering Demo

Along with some internal Duality updates, there is a new TechDemo available that shows different text rendering approaches. You can get it here.

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FlightSim: More pretty pictures

We’ve been making a lot of progress, even in the long uncared-for hardware department. That’s a good thing, since we’ll reach the project deadline on wednesday. Time for more pictures!

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In case you wondered what the lack of updates could mean: I’m not really working on Duality right now. There’s just too much stuff I need to take care of first. Here, I’ll leave you a postcard.

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Feature explosion

After weeks of putting more working hours into Duality than I could reasonably afford it’s finally done: The big user experience update for Dualitor.

(Download links below)

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Selection, Naming, Logo design

My work on the Duality Editor continues. Not very exciting stuff, though. Here’s a screenshot anyway. Object Selection is now pretty much finished, along with some related editor framework drafts.

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