Duality v2.0 Changelog

Duality v2.0 is now feature-complete and, until more testing has been done, awaiting its binary release. This posting contains the full changelog since the previous v1.x release.

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Project Summary: “Shopfloor”

Shopfloor2Shopfloor was a small project from the “Serious Games” category that was developed for Infineon Technologies. Designed as a casual interlude in scheduled in-house trainings for employees, the goal was to create a game that would be engaging and fun to play, while at the same time providing a platform for reflecting the lessons from their everyday work.

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Package Management in Duality

NuGetLogoIf you’re a C# developer, there’s a good chance that you already know what NuGet is, or at least have overheard someone talking about it. The main idea is to stop delivering precompiled dependencies along with source code, and instead provide a central repository where all these binary packages are stored. Whenever someone needs one of them, it can be downloaded automatically, and whenever a new version is available, upgrading is only a mouse click away. Package Management is just incredibly convenient – and now, Duality makes use of it. Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

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Bachelor Thesis

Three months and countless caffeinated drinks later, it’s finally done: My bachelor thesis has been graded and I’m back to normal life again. Since a large portion of my thesis deals with the inner workings and design descisions of Duality, it might be worth reading for anyone who is interested in the project. You can read it here. Only available in german, though.

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Fourteen. That’s the number of different joint types in the Farseer physics engine. When I started porting it from XNA to OpenTk and glueing it into Duality they were pretty much left out entirely. Who needs joints anyway? Well.

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Stacking stuff

I’m pretty occupied by studying right now and there’s a lot of work stacking up on my ToDo list. But! I spared a thought for you, fellow reader. In case you want to do some stacking yourself you can try my recent Tetris demo of Duality. You see, I think everyone should get to to stack some stuff. Also it’s got a twist.

Music by SunandWeather.

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Feature explosion

After weeks of putting more working hours into Duality than I could reasonably afford it’s finally done: The big user experience update for Dualitor.

(Download links below)

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Dynamic Lighting Test

As I’m experimenting with the “custom Rendering” capabilities of Duality there happens to be a new tech demo for you to download and play around with. It features per-pixel lighting using directional, ambient, spot and point lights.

Note that I didn’t touch any Duality code to implement the dynamic lighting technique – it’s all done inside the plugin.

–> Download Lighting Test <–

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First Duality Demonstration

Despite the enormous amount of work that will still be needed to bring Duality anywhere near “actually usable”, I’ve punched myself through to a first release that allows you to take a look at how it’s going to be. I can’t complete a project like this all alone without anyone but myself testing it, so I’m going to release something like that any time I hit a personal milestone.

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