Mailbag: Civilization and ContentRefs

Sometimes, there are questions. And sometimes they happen to be in e-mails I receive through this blog. I usually take the time to answer them if I’m not too busy and occasionally, these answers can get very long. This time it’s about Civilization and referencing content in Duality.

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Prefabs: Implementation details

During my time at Limbic Entertainment I mostly worked on a project that was using the Unity game engine. In my eyes, Unity is a great piece of game authoring software, but nobody’s perfect; there still were some missing or imperfect features. Take the Prefab system: Its great to have something like this and it works flawlessly in most cases. Want to use a specific enemy type over and over again? Just make it a Prefab and re-using it boils down to a single dragdrop operation. When changing the Prefab later on, all instances are affected properly. But here’s the imperfect part:

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Serialization pitfall: Post-Deserialization

If you use .Net Serialization, especially Deserialization, you might want to have an object perform a specific action as soon as it has been deserialized, initialize some cache data, resolve references or something.

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Clone Wars

Tightly connected to Prefabs is the ability to clone GameObjects. If a Prefab is just a boxed and isolated GameObject hierarchy, instantiating a GameObject from a Prefab means to create a deep copy of the internal GameObject and pass the cloned version as a return value. Cloning an object might also come in handy for actual ingame usage, but either way, the possibility to do that is absolutely necessary.

But how?

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Prefabs and Serialization

Component-based GameObjects are a really cool concept. However, when it comes to setting one up, you’ll have a lot more to do than in a classic inheritance tree approach. In the latter one, something like that might be sufficient:

When trying to do the same with a component-based approach, there’s a lot more to do: Create a GameObject, then create needed Components one by one, setting their properties to the appropriate values.. wouldn’t a shortcut be handy? This is where Prefabs come in.

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